Jazmin in nothingland
My life and how I live it
Jazmin in nothingland
"I’m not a beautiful person. No, I’m far from it. I have ink stains on my fingertips and heart. My eyes are aren’t like emerald gems or the waves of the Atlantic Ocean; they’re dull brown. They’re not even mocha caffeine or autumn russet. My face is far too covered with far too many freckles. They’re not constellations on skin; they’re just spatters of brown haphazardly splashed on my nose and cheeks. My laugh is loud and I let out a snort here and there when I’m laughing too hard. I lack elegance and grace. I’m clumsy and I trip over my own feet. I get wrinkles in my eyes when I smile, and I have flaws written in every part of my body. I’m far from beautiful."
"I want all of my lasts to be with you."
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